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Yanqing ($120/hr or $70 for 30mins) Tel:62250150 (Champion of Singapore 1st Open Salsa Competition 2005, Champion of Xenbar Professional Salsa Competition 2005). One of the top Salsa dancer and Salsa Instructor in The World. Has appeal in TV and Newspaper in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore. She has been invited as guest performer and teacher for many Major Overseas Salsa Dance Competition, Festival and Congress. She is the one you see dancing on the TV screen in Buses, Food Court, Shopping Malls on TV Mobile and TV programs featured all over Singapore. She has work on and appear in many Chinese, Tamil and English TV programs like Superstar, Trend Spotting just to name a few. Her name is known to salsa dancers from Europe to South American; from China, India to Russia. She teaches Basic Salsa to Master Level Salsa. She is currently still pursuing her Professional Salsa Dance Certification Level 6 with Actfa. Her Ladies Styling Class are always packed to the brim, so book in advance for her classes to avoid disappointment. $85 for 5 classes. Offer Free Salsa Practice CD worth $18.

Taiwan News Paper            Press Release in Thailand

Hong Kong News Paper

Yanqing (Executing the Upside Down Knee Flip) was capture by TV and News Crew while performing at the Avenues of the Star by the Harbor in Hong Kong Feb 2005


James ($50/hr) H/P:94508086


Wai Hwang ($50/hr) H/P:97911959


Tori ($50/hr)

Latin Dance Champion 2000,2001 and 2002

Currently named as one of the 2005 Top 5 Female Salsa Dancer in Singapore by Salsadaily.com. She is currently pursuing her Salsa Professional Dance certification level 3 with Salsae & Actfa.


Jianyang ($40/hr)

Jianyang is only 19 when he started Dancing Salsa on Feb 2005, taking lessons twice a week, two classes each sessions. Within eight Months he won the Championship title of The 1st Singapore Open Salsa Competition 05. He is now in Level 2 Professional and Level 5 Social. He now teaches for ACTFA & Salsae.


Edmund ($50/hr)

At a young age of 23 Edmund have already taught Ballet, Modern and Jazz. He was awarded a oversea dance scholarship in 2000 which he turn down. He has started 5 dance team till date. He is currently pursuing his Salsa Professional Dance Certification level 3 with Salsae and Actfa.


Manfred ($70/hr)

Bianca ($40/hr)

Nancy ($40/hr)

Kyo ($30/hr)

Shirley ($30/hr)

Angie ($30/hr)

Grace ($30/hr)


Call 62250150 for all booking


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